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Tendinitis Prevention Tips

Tendonitis means inflammation of the tendon.

Listed below are tendinitis prevention tips:

Tip #1 Warmingup properly before activities

Warming up before exercise or any strenuous activity should take at least 5 minutes, light movement of the joints and tendons.

Tip #2 Stretching

Stretching the tendon lightly before and after activities is an excellent tendonitis prevention technique. Stretches need to be held for at least 20 seconds to be effective.

Tip #3 Resistance training

Resistance training will make your joints stronger. Light weight training can improve muscle and tendons strength. You should train each muscle group with 1-2 exercises. Exercise should consist of 3 sets of 20 repetitions; 3 times per week.

Tip #4 Stopping the activity when you feel pain

If you start to feel pain around your joints it is best to stop the activity if possible. When your joints and tendons are under pressure resting even for short periods will let your joints heal. However if you are a professional athlete and are playing competitive sports this might not be possible always.

Tip #5 Bracing the area for more support

Braces give the area extra support and warmth. Common braces are wrist, knee, elbow, and ankle braces.

Tip #6 Ice sore joints after exercise or game

Place ice on a joint to help reduce swelling and inflammation. Wrap Ziploc bag full of ice or bag of frozen vegetables in a towel and then apply for 15 minutes. Icing affected area longer than 15 minutes may cause damage. Always wait 45 minutes before icing the area again.

Tip #7 Bracing the area for more support during exercise

Braces give the area extra support and warmth. Common braces are wrist, knee, elbow, and ankle braces.

Tip #8 Wear proper footwear for the activity

It is important to wear proper shoes for the activity, also invests in good shoe insoles that will take some pressure off your joints as well.

Tip #9 Stay in good shape!

Staying in good shape is the best prevention, which would include regular exercise with proper warm-ups and stretching.Proper nutrition is also very important for staying in good shape,

Tip #10 Remembering

Remember while having fun exercising and playing, that preventing tendonitis is much easier than treating it :))

Have lot of fun...


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stevan Posted on Sep 24th 2008 6:39pm

Great Article. I did not realize that icing for so long was bad or that you had to wait 45 min after icing to do things. These tips should defiantly help out my knees!

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